Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I'm a feminist, number eleventy billion

Another first year graduate student and I discuss plans to go out for lunch.

Male graduate student: you guys don't bring your lunch?

Us: we're pretty bad about it.

Me: I don't like to cook.

Other first year, also female: yeah, I don't like cooking either.

Male graduate student: that's so suprising for girls.

Me: ...

Other first year: yeah...

Me: all the men in my family love to cook.

Male graduate student: yeah, I cook a lot too!

Me: ...

Other first year: ...

Male graduate student: I guess that's suprising for a guy.

WTF people, WTF?!

How.. like.. how can you contradict yourself so much in such a small period of time? Like.. how can you hold these beliefs and yet be living proof that these are beliefs are bullshit? Like.. I can't even.. my brain hurts.. I can't even deal.

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Adam said...

Maybe he can cook you something to ease the pain.