Saturday, September 01, 2007

I shall call him...


After picking up a book (Overdosed America) at Barnes and Nobles for one of my seminars, I went to Target (in the same shopping complex) looking for a french press. I've been considering investing in one for a while, since I usually drink a cup of coffee every day.

With the obscene amount of reading material already assigned (that's okay Amazon, you can thank me later) two days into the semester, I can only assume that my coffee consumption will be increasing exponentially.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the french press but before I could flag down an employee to ask if they carried them, I spotted this little 4 cup baby. At 15 bucks, it'll have paid for itself within a week. Also, it's miniature and by the laws of the universe, this makes it adorable.


Anonymous said...

if you buy a lb of starbuck's coffee, make sure you know what filter to grind for---paper, metal, etc. - barista

Monticore said...

Where did Eleanor go??? I'm waiting for the next post.

Adam said...

Silly grad school is taking up all her time. Psh, and she said she can multitask. =P

edluv said...

why would you buy starbucks coffee to make @ home? so you can enjoy the same burnt taste on your couch?

there has got to be at least one quality coffee seller in your area.

and oh yeah, update your blog.

because from now on that's what i'll be commenting about.

Ann Thrope said...

I buy Target brand coffee, 'cause I'm class like that.

I updated, you all can call of the riot now.