Monday, June 25, 2007


For reasons that are too uninteresting to explain, I've canceled my hair appointment on the 5th and will be attempting to re-make it for the 7th. I've been searching the internetz for photos to bring with me and I would like some input (yes, all three of you who read my blog.)

What I'm looking for is a very short (i.e., not a Posh Spice bob) cut that I can put gobs of product in, if the fauxhawk mood should strike. And here is what I look like about 98% of the time:

1. Mostly I love the color but the cut is okay too:

2. Trying to see past the blond. A bit long for my fauxhawk plans:

3. Very, very short. I'm afraid my forehead is big enough (it's my huge brain) without adding in such short bangs. I don't know that this is a contender but damn does Natalie Portman make it look good:

4. This is probably the closest approximation to my hair so far. I don't think Mandy Moore is especially pretty and the proto-mullet length in the back worries me but I dig the front:

5. Not the most flattering photo I suppose but I kind of like the back of the cut. Granted, her hair has nothing to do with my hair:

Vote early, vote often.

Update: I like this picture of Shannyn Sossamon more than the last picture:


Adam said...

I like the cut and color of the first one a lot.

edluv said...

look, if you want, i've got clippers. i used to cut hairs in college. i can hook you up with a faux hawk. shoot, i can hook you up with a mohawk. i can cut your hair like my little pony.

or, sure, you can go to a "professional." but all you get with them is tons of experience and a "license."

i think you need to go v for vendetta n.portman. seriously.

m.wise said...

i think the first and the last pics are similar (length, not color), and i like them...good luck young jedi.

Ann Thrope said...

Okay so two votes for first, one for last, one for bald, and one for an Ed hair cut (arguably, the same as bald.)

Man, you're going to be surprised when I show up bald on Saturday night, seriously.

Monticore said...

I like the first one and the last one. Also I would check out pictures of Yohana House's hair on the 2nd season of America's next top model. She has the fauxhawk going on.

Monticore said...

Okay here is a link to her picture. I love this hair cut.

Ann Thrope said...

Yeah I like that picture a lot but I can't find a picture that shows the full hair cut very well.

Come to think of it, several ANTM contestants have rocked the fauxhawk.

edluv said...

i say go with the nat portman pic. it's nerdy chic.