Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pop Kulture Korner

I was watching House tonight, as I usually do on Tuesday nights. It was, alas, a character building episode. It did not bode well for the Patient of the Week.

Because everyone was so involved in feeling feelings, the PotW died from some rather hasty radiation treatment.

House did an autopsy in the hospital room, which I'm pretty sure violates roughly five thousand OSHA regulations, and found that the cause of death was a scratch from the patient's bra hook resulting in a Staph aureus infection.

Because four of the best and brightest doctors in the Houniverse missed a staph infection. Perhaps they should stop doing their own lab work.

But I will give the my new favorite medical show some credit. The writers for House have not veered off into ridiculous, strap-on sporting, cum stealing, orphanage originating, serial killer sibling territory. Yet. Keep up the good work Team House.

And yes, I am not ashamed of following a dearth of posts with a post as silly as this one. When you're staring upheaval down, the unchanging TV is a welcome companion. Whev.


JD said...

Awwww... So harsh on the Nip/Tuck crowd. While it is no Masterpiece Theater, it does have a certain guilty appeal to it. I have to admit, it has crept into my netflix queue. But it is about as much medical drama as General Hospital, but I don't think they are really targeting the pre-med crowd.

Ann Thrope said...

Oh no, don't get me wrong. I loved Nip/Tuck.

And some of the ridiculousness was priceless, like when Julia kills who she thinks is her mom after a plane crash.

But the serial killer thread left me so unsatisfied, especially after the awesome season finale from (I think?) the season before with the drug king pin.

What can I say? I grew disaffected and had a falling out.

Ann Thrope said...

And I should add, I'm pretty much a sucker for any medical show except Gray's Anatomy.

timidvenus said...

so funny. any time i watch house (which is rarely) i think 'i bet adam and eleanore are watching this'. mostly i forget which night its on (i have to set a daily alarm in order to remember jeopardy). never saw nip/tuck.

also, i always wonder about autopsies done in the hospital that the patient died in...strange.

Peter said...

Just an idle hypothesis, but I bet plenty of real life patients of the week die because their caregivers are busy having episodes of character development, which keep them from providing the best care possible. (Which, of course, is the level of care that is impossible to provide.)

We just never hear about it because no one ever notices it. (Like all those fertilized eggs that are spontaneously aborted without anyone ever knowing they were there.)

I, for one, thought that was an excellent episode because it showed the doctors fail.