Monday, March 19, 2007

Aries in the hizouse

So I'm turning older than dirt twenty-two on April 12th.

It's not a Big Deal birthday but I'm still looking forward to it, perhaps more than I've looked forward to a birthday in a long time.

Maybe it's because the next coming years promise to be everything I hoped for; pausing to celebrate another year of life feels good. The stress of the decision has made me spazzy and a bit unhappy but when I do pause, I revel in the brightness of my future.

And celebrate I insist. Donations to my two favorite organizations are welcome. Now, instead of a gift, or any time really.

Also welcome is a big party with lots of good food and booze.

I'm just saying, celebrate the E in your life.


Adam said...

And booze you shall have. And perhaps sushi.

And maybe pizza too.

edluv said...

but where will you be to celebrate the momentous occasion?

and, do you know what time of day you were born?

Ann Thrope said...

I thought I'd celebrate the night of in Oakland and then receive my adoring Fresno public at Adam's apartment the weekend after.

Which coincidentally, is April 15th. Pay your taxes and celebrate my birthday, w00t!

Ann Thrope said...

Oh and I was born at 5:38 pm PST (in Simi Valley). Most convenient birth time ever - my mom's OB-GYN didn't even need to put in any overtime (and it wasn't a C-Section).

I guess that might make up for being three weeks late.

Adam said...

Could have really nice weather for a BBQ and some good grilled veggies.

If you like.

Ann Thrope said...

Nah, BBQs always make me feel inadequate when everyone else starts bringing out their meat.

edluv said...

you could require that it be a meatless bbq. or, have people bring non meat sides and the house does some nonmeat bbq specialties.

or we could all just sit around and eat grilled mushrooms out of a dish, cause that went over well last time.