Friday, December 08, 2006

And now, bats!

More bat blogging from PZ Myers

Meanwhile, bat flocking in Fresno (thanks to A-WALL for the heads up.)

This concludes today's bat news break.

UPDATE: A link to E-STEWART who also mentioned the bat flocking story on his blog.


edluv said...

ah, come on. i actually mentioned the bat flocking on my blog. adam may have told you about it, and i may not have had the link, but come on. link to me. if you're big enough to stand on the table you're big enough to link to me. or to get off the table.

Ann Thrope said...

To be fair, Adam read about the story in the Fresno Bee and sent me a link to the article before either of us had read your blog. However, because I'm a nice person I've updated with a link to your blog.

Although, I don't expect the three people who read my blog to increase your traffic much.

edluv said...

you're swell. and, i can appreciate your timeline. being the self obsessed person that i am, i assumed that adam read my blog and then told you.

since i know that adam reads the paper, i shouldn't have doubted that he discoverd that gem of a story on his own.

but again, thanks for the linkage. i've got to move up the technorati scale!