Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And I'm Spent

I've spent the day conquering my fears.

It's been a pretty thrilling day.

This morning I spoke to the department chair of a graduate program at a well known and respected university in my field. I'm not really a phone person but I kept my "ums" and "likes" under control and the conversation went smoothly. It was a very encouraging conversation, especially since I finally got some (promising) feedback on my GRE scores. The professor told me to save the date of the department's meet 'n' greet for promising applicants. There's still a lot of work to be done but at least it feels less like a shot in the dark.

A few weeks ago I put up a note up in my apartment building's entryway inviting people to stop by on Halloween. Meeting new people isn't something I'm good at which means it's something I periodically feel like I have to work on becoming better at. The evening started off slow but for a good hour and a half my small kitchen was crammed with chatting strangers who, for some strange reason, all appeared to be having a decent time. And I even remember everybody's names.

As it turns out, this Halloween I did a pretty damn good job controlling my fears. That is all, I guess.


edluv said...

hey,when's that meet and greet? not because i'm interested on your behalf. i'm just thinking, you should convince adam to fly out. and, of course, since i love to travel, maybe other people would go along. atl right? i've been to their airport but not much else. i'm all for taking in some suthuhn hospitality.

Adam said...

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me. I know some people in South Carolina with a big house. They're only 4 1/2 hours away. =P

Ann Thrope said...

It's the last weekend in Feb. With the caveat that this is all hypothetical, I'm not in yet.

Monticore said...

Good Job E! I'm not as brave as you. If I invited people over to my house I didn't know, I'd end up drinking myself into oblivion within the hour. Mazeltoff!

Monticore said...

Oops it's Mazel Tov