Friday, October 06, 2006

As Seen On TV

So here I am, watching reruns of the X-Files and this commercial comes on.

It's a married couple getting ready to go out and the wife points out a stain on the husband's dress shirt. She turns around, and I assume it's a commercial for spot removal where the woman uses her super female powers of cleanliness to remove stains for a hapless male.


Oh, so very wrong...

As the wife turns back towards her husband to find him covering the stain with his tie, the feminine voiceover says, in a voice brimming with rueful good humor:

"men have their way of freshening up, we have ours."

Ah Summer's Eve you strike again.

You tireless warrior against those dirty, filthy vaginas you.

Yeast infections all around!


Monticore said...

Have you seen the adds where Always includes a diaper-wipe in every napkin.

Please people grow-up. We all shit and half of us have a monthly discharge. What do you want us to do strave ourselves till we don't get our "not so fresh time." We don't need grown-up diaper-wipes just Bedits

Ann Thrope said...

Oh I saw those! I was so confused by them as first, since the language of the packaging is so vague. After like ten minutes standing in Longs Drugs, staring at a pack of pads trying to figure out what it all meant I found the little drawing that explained.

I also don't like the scented pads that have taken over the feminine products aisle either. It took me forever to find a pack of Always pads that didn't advertise a "clean, fresh smell" or whatever. Since when does "clean" have a scent anyway?

My god, I sound like a curmudgeon (and what's with all these young kids and their scented pads now-a-days anyway?) but seriously.. They companies don't have to market that hard it's not like women just up and decide to stop menstruating. Kind of a captive audience.

I'm just waiting for the pad companies to start a smear campaign against the new no-period pill that's being marketed.

Adam said...

Gotta buncha Andy Rooney's crowding the place. =P

Monticore said...

It's gonna be stiff competition if we're up against you and jay

Adam said...

What's the deal with competition anyway? Why can't all the teams get together and work out their differences over coffee? Who's ever heard of a Green Bay Packer anyhow? They're not packing anything!