Sunday, September 24, 2006

At the Zoo

Species number one:

The rare adamwallaroo.

Native to Fresno.

Generally inhabits dense plywood tree stands.

Diet consists of pastrami sandwiches, gin and tonics.


Adam said...

Seen here in a rare photo that captures even the pouch.

Monticore said...

Perhaps the most amazing site I saw at the zoo that day! I also appreciate that he was one of the few male animals that had the decency to cover his nutsack

edluv said...

i heard that he likes to have his gynecomastia rubbed.

edluv said...

(it's funny, because i couldn't remember that word, and just googled man boobs. voila, href="">cures for gynecomastia)

Ann Thrope said...

On the topic of nutsacks.

Dude! Did you see the flying foxes? I'll post a photo later but there's some well endowed mammals right there.

The funny thing is when I started at my job my boss was teaching me a couple things about bats including how to sex them and she told me "it's obvious when it's a male."

And yeah, it is pretty obvious even with the tiny bats I work with but damn.. it was obvious with those flying foxes.

Forget hung like a horse.. more like hung like a bat.