Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gummi Bears

The research wing I work in is hidden behind two double doors that lock promptly at five every afternoon. There's a card reader to the right, press your card against the gray rectangle and beep... you're in.

Monday, fuck it's early. And it's February. A stack of papers to read, ELISA and SDS-PAGE and a self-taught crash course in immunology. And foosball. Life, sometimes it's a candy bitch.

Scattered below the card reader are two dozen gummi bears. Mass gummi bear fatalities. Gelatin dead on the fields of gummi war. Snicker, I crack myself up. The gummi bear carnage crack me up.

Just easing into February.

1 comment:

Edge Seeker said...

From one would-be molecular biologist to another (and I know that I'm being pretentious), I hope that you're having a great time.

Missing you always,