Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prelude to a Feminist Manifesto

Decisive action is an inevitable next step, one I worry I won’t be able to take. Still, perhaps this break is necessary regardless of how great or how unremarkable the things accomplished within it are.
It’s good just to be alive.

I can pay attention now, in a way I haven’t in years.
Was blind but now I see.

There are people who slip through the cracks in your life, largely unnoticed in your inability to catch them in the brief instants they pass through.
New co-workers, a new friend delivered into my life by Goldbergian machinations, and also excising scar tissue in an attempt to reconnect with an old friend.
Otherwise, in other times, quick silvery glints passing by, bouncing off my carelessness. My new-found non-focus perhaps suffices to catch the instant in which they exist, and to connect. Of course perhaps I’m just rationalizing stagnation.

So, now I see.

I don’t know why.
Perhaps it’s the extra time to do with as I please.
Perhaps it’s the shedding of the blinders imposed by a science major at a competitive school.
Perhaps it’s the current political climate.

But whatever it is, now I see.
And I’m one pissed off motherfucker.

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Anonymous said...

insightful or sightless, you are always one pissed off motherfucker