Friday, August 05, 2005

Anything You Can Do

I don’t like being called a feminist.
I once made a boy get out of my car and walk home after he called me a feminist.
Not because I asked him to but because he preferred it to listening to my vehement diatribe on exactly why I’m not a feminist.

So why am I not a feminist?
The reason is what I would call a significant deviation between my attitudes and certain key attitudes which are deeply entrenched within the party line of the modern feminist movement.
Or what others might call semantics.

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in the feminization of power. Truthfully, I see red whenever I hear a woman talk about how all we need is a real woman in power to bring in a more reasonable approach to running those things which have traditionally been accomplished via pissing contest.

And here’s my problem with it.
Power is masculine.
Yeah that’s right, I said it.
We categorize things as being masculine or feminine it’s just what we do. Our masculine/feminine dichotomy is made clear to us early on.
Girls are verbal and work through problems by communicating with their peers.
It’s feminine to talk.
Boys are active and like to play rough.
It’s masculine to mosh.
Power and power-lust get chalked up under masculine.

No, I don’t think that women don’t desire power.
Nor do I think they are incapable of attaining or keeping power.
All things being equal, I think woman are quite likely to want, acquire, and keep power, I think that’s where the confusion about me being a feminist comes from.
Boys talk, girls mosh. It pleases me to see both sexes industrious in any activity of their choosing. If it’s an activity that places them outside their traditional gender roles, all the better.

But all this does not make the pursuit and/or possession of power any less masculine.
I would love to see the United States of America elect a female to the presidency. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s going to change the presidency that much. Any woman who manages to make it to the Oval Office will have to be a real ball-buster.

Remember: if you want to run if the big dogs you can’t piss like a puppy.

And I truly believe it won’t be an affectation for her, used to fight her way into power while betraying her true femaleness. She will simply posses, as many women do, personality attributes which have traditionally been considered “male.”

Like the desire to control a large, powerful nation and crush tiny piddling nation under the 6 inch black suede pump heel of the United States armed forces.

Raping, burning and pillaging are nice too.

And you want to know my dirty little secret?
I’d probably vote Condoleezza Rice for President.

There’s a reason why power-hungry bitch is not a very nice thing to call someone.

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