Friday, April 01, 2005


He laughed and sat up, pulling her hand out of his boxers and with his hand still on hers, kissed her.

He ended the kiss abruptly, pushing her down on the bed with a grin. He straddled her and maneuvered both her wrists into one of his hands. His other hand went under her t-shirt and ran along the uninterrupted curve of her side.

He let a little more of his weight rest on her hips and let go of her wrists to pull off her t-shirt. She fought him, but only nominally.

“Tsk, tsk, none of that now” he said, laughing again. This time he took off her panties and threw them over his shoulder.

Her muscles relaxed and her knees fell apart slightly behind his back. He stroked her side, breasts, neck, shoulders.

Kissed her nose.

He slid back over her legs, and then carefully lifted one knee, than the other, placing them between her legs. As he kneeled, he slid his hands underneath her and cupped her ass.

She arched her back and he pulled her hips towards him.

He entered her.

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