Friday, March 18, 2005


Skip this. It’s boring.

The only reason you would read this is because you are a boy and you want me to touch your penis.

And you think getting into my head or knowing what I’m thinking is going to make that happen.

But trust me, let the dream die. I’m a dyke. Apparently not in the sense that I like girls but instead in the mannish, power-hungry bitch sense.

When I grow up, I want to wear expensive black business attire and emasculate you.

If you are a regular reader you most likely have noticed my posts come erratically and usually infrequently of late.

Part of this is that I do not have the time to devote to writing stories that are sufficiently polished to post on a website that is open to public viewing.

Part of this is that I’ve got a dozen beginnings but not middles or ends.

I’m told my writings are all the same, bitching and moaning about boys but you know what they say, write what you know.

The fall before last I heard Chuck Palahniuk give a reading at a nearby bookstore. Somewhere between the stories about candle wax and carrot masturbatory aids and the story about intestine sucked out while masturbating in the pool, someone fainted.

The man is a writing God, I worship at his alter.

So I’m thinking more porn. I’ve settled on the title of Absurd Eroticism and the concept of choose-your-own-adventure or madlib porn.

She then took his (body part) and stuck in between her (body part) and started to (action) athletically. He yelled (exclamation) (name) then pulled out his (body part) and squirted (adjective) jizz all over her (body part)

Try it at your next party.

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"When I grow up, I want to wear expensive black business attire and emasculate you."

'god' help us all!