Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I wake up every morning and I think to myself: “This is good. I’m okay.”
I go about my day and I think: “This is good. I’m still okay.”
If I catch myself thinking otherwise, if something not-good happens I think: “It’s still good. I’m going to be okay.”

If something hurts, wait.

Pain goes away, you just have to get a few more hours of sleep for your migraine, go for a walk to get the stiff pain out of your knees. If it gets worse, take Tylenol, Advil, Midol, multivitamins and drink plenty of water.

If something is difficult, do it slowly.

Take a deep breath, count to ten. Do everything carefully, analytically, cautiously. Double check, hell triple check, you won’t regret it later.

Haste makes waste.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one day while I was busy telling myself it’s okay, it actually wasn’t okay.

The pain still hasn’t gone away, you visit a doctor and you find out it’s a torn ligament, arthritis, an ovarian cyst.

And all that Tylenol you were taking?

Your kidneys are shot to hell.

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i'm sure the gofer has it all figured out