Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A life time of Chance

I am the daughter of a Brazilian man and a Belgian woman.

They met in California, where my father was living at the time and my mother had finally cashed in the money her parents had been saving for her wedding and gone to visit her American friend.

My father was living in California because his family had left Brazil due to a bit of civil unrest when my father was in his early teens.

My mother had met her friend in England, where they had worked together in a hotel over a summer.

My mother had worked in England over that summer because she had failed her final exam for her final year of high school math and so had to delay her enrollment in college.

My mother was hit by a car when she was six and nearly died. She lost her spleen and one of her kidneys but somehow managed to wake up from a week long coma with enough organs to stay alive and reproduce.

I have been accused of leaving my life up to chance. But when your entire existence in the Universe is due to a series of coincidences…

It’s hard to trust in anything but.

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