Saturday, November 20, 2004

Sex and Misery

So one of my roommates is an ex-Evangelical Christian. After nearly a year in Berkeley she had a bit of an alcoholic religious break but is now apparently, perfectly comfortable what with the whole living in sin with her boyfriend thing.

She has ties to the Christian community back home and she was talking to her good friend who is by now on his 5th or 6th "second" virginity.

After getting off the phone with this guy, she comes to my room to chat about the conversation she just had and she mentions something about prescription for peace of mind. These times, they are a changing…Every sperm was sacred.

So she then mentions her friend is teaching highschool and he was complaining about having homeschoolers.

I'm vague about my educational history with people here in Berkeley.

It's very easy so long as I don't mention my age and my graduation date. Apparently, I'm "normal" and yeah, it's pretty easy to pass off "normal" in a school full of eccentrics and overachievers. I'm just another 19 year old in blue jeans and a hoody with two metal studs through her eyebrow. I mean who would ever guess right?

I’m told I was the youngest and I noticed.

So here it is a rationalization of my perceived shortcomings.

I’m not the tallest or the shortest.
The skinniest or that fattest.
The brightest or the dumbest.
The richest or the poorest.

I am blissfully average.
Stupendously average.

Above the rest in being average.

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Rex said...

Congrads on your above averageness! (If theres such a word...) I suppose we all are permanently caught in the paradox of looking for the acceptance of the norm while wanting our uniqueness. Really shows the ignorance of each one of us? Selfish indulgences of our auto-cratic choices which form the norm of acceptance that is validated by ourselves in sacred democratic process!

Hold moment now... complex sentences make me giddy =P