Monday, October 25, 2004

The Study of Life

I knew a boy once. It’s been years since I thought of him, probably because he was not so much a friend as a part of my social circle at the time, if you know what I mean.

His name was Nick. Or maybe it wasn’t, either way I doubt I could recognize him now.

He had a girlfriend, her name was Molly. Or maybe it wasn’t, either way I never met her so it doesn’t matter.

He was a high school junior.

Through bitchy little gossips, I know that Nick was ready to move on to bigger and better things. Now Molly was the kind of girl who doesn’t take these things lying down. Well funny story actually, she did.

A few months later, some end-of-the-relationship sex later, Molly’s intentional carelessness with birth control and Nick is going to be a father at 17.

His father tells Nick to suck it up and take it like a man. So Nick stays with Molly, they get featured in the local paper in an article on teen pregnancy. Nick gets into an apprenticeship program at school so that he can afford to pay for a baby. He goes to class in the morning and does manual labor in the afternoon.

Molly gets what she wants, or what she thought she wanted at the time. A boyfriend who can’t leave her on a whim. Freedom from worry that she might have to make it in the world by her self.

I wonder were they are now.

So Nick and Molly play out the war between sexes that as always been in the spotlight of traditional evolutionary biology. The female tricks the male into monogamy.

I’ve been asked why I am fixated on sexual experience. Why I don’t want to be “with” someone who is more experienced then me.

Well it’s kind of for the same reason I would never intentionally slip up with birth control in order to get my boyfriend to stay with me. I would like to think that I am more then what until recently, animal behavior and primatology textbooks told me I should be.

Docile, complacent, content, sexually inert, unmotivated to fuck except when I might get food or protection from a male.

If biology has one lesson to teach it's that, when all is said and done, only the strong survive.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Spinster, you know as well as I that this bit about motivation and fucking is simply a disguise. You didn't finish the quote about nature: "when all is said and done, the strong survive while the weak rationalize".

Cheops, or Khufu said...
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Anonymous said...

And you too, my dear, should be trying your upmost to exceed your inner chimpanzee.